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Blueprints of Our Venture
Blueprints of Our Venture
Spanning the open spaces together, we can mark the landscape with the impression of our footfalls.

Lamisa Ug Aparador (LuA) offers a variety of services that answer to your furnishing needs.

• Custom built furniture
• Tables for home of office
• Reception counters
• Cabinets, closets, chests
• Media cabinets
• Restaurant / Cafe furniture
• Built in units

Free Customized Furniture Designing. Show us your space and we’ll work with you various furnishing design ideas that will ultimately translate your visions into form.

• Hotel, Condominium & Residential Development Spaces
• Restaurant & Function Room Spaces
• Office Spaces
• Thematic Furnishing e.g. Victorian, Georgian, Greco-Modern, etc.
Furnishing Collection Creation. We can work together in coming out with furnishing collections that will be exclusively yours and to be found nowhere else. You can even name your pieces and call them your very own! Once you’ve got your sights set on the design of your choice, we’ll have them made and delivered and even installed (per arrangement).
Merchandising Partnerships. Good news for Developers and their clients! If you’re a Developer, you can have your clients do the shopping for furnishing packages on this site. Be among our Partner Developers today for you and your clients to enjoy a hassle-free online shopping.